About SiFo



Year was 2015, Chennai saw unprecedented flooding as a result of heavy rainfall... plundering of the water bodies led to the uprooting of livelihoods and homes over a vast area...

Service-minded individuals and groups while being engaged in flood relief work situation germinated the idea of starting their own - who until then were working in social-related initiatives, then and there, on and off, in different forums, with different groups...

Siruthuligal Foundation - born out of these small, small drops of service initiatives - gained on strength and size over the years to the current body of about 150 members, 100 student beneficiaries, 100 plus village students on extended learning, also achieving statutory accreditations en route...


  • It is the vision of Siruthuligal Foundation (SiFo) to make small but significant difference to the lives of the under-privileged in our society by providing required educational assistance
  • Our Mission is to proactively identify the needy-and-promising under-privileged in our society, provide financial and other possible assistance to help them grow and prosper and guide them give back to the society in the process
  • To work with other NGOs, non-profit organizations, philanthropists, government and corporates - that hold mission and values similar to us
  • Work towards a process-oriented, quality-managed, systematic organization that is anchored on fair and law-complying operating methods
  • Establish standards for chosen service and their delivery, and aim to evolve as a role model service organization
  • Continuous Improvement and Delivery Excellence in all that we work for the betterment of the society

Board of Trustees


CSM Rajeshkumar

Founder & Trustee

Mechanical Engineer started his career with an Empire of an Automobile company that was built upon people with values, principles, and work culture. Extended his successful career in Automobiles to modern times Information Technology, but an innate burning desire to uplift the poor who need Education as their stepping stone into Life, made him abruptly abandon the comforts of IT environ and plunge into Serving the Humanity... and founded Siruthuligal Foundation!!!


V. Ramesh

Co-Founder & Trustee

Multidimensional expertise in Sales and Marketing and in ISO Consulting and Skills Development. When he is not dribbling with work, an avid Soccer and Badminton player and coach. And he has since found his niche in social service by co-founding SiFo!!!


S. Vedhanayagam

Co-Founder & Trustee

Whether it is Demanding Work or Visiting Places to Serve People in Need, he is the one with never-say-no, never-forget-to-smile man of our Team. He likes to go really fast on his wheels, in synonymous with the Automobiles Industry he works in!!!


M. Ganesa Pandian


Having labored and interacted with man and machines in Engineering and IT domains all through his professional career, changed direction towards Servicing, post retirement a late trigger, but, actively takes part in academic and promotional activities for the foundation. He loves to have friends, food, books, travel... any one at a time or all in a cocktail mix!


C. K. Vivekanandan


Talk about his career, he manages Projects for a leading Automation Digital Solutions multinational. Talk about his social side, he has been contributing with World Vision India, an NGO that provides education for the poor! And he is our torch-bearer for systems and audits!!

SiFo Evolution (Executive Committee)

None of our EC members are external, they all came into our fold of Education Support, utilized the opportunity, groomed themselves alongside, and have risen to what they are now!!! Either employed with multinationals OR pursuing higher academic aspirations...


R. Lavanya

Academic Coordinator

With SiFo support, did Graduation in Social Work, she was there in every volunteering effort for SiFo. Now employed with ADRA, a global humanitarian organization, befitting her academic qualification and her social volunteering attitude. Also keeping track with SiFo, as Academic Coordinator!


V. Manju

Scribing Organiser

She started taking free tuition for the children even before coming into SiFo. And with SiFo support, she finished her degree and landed in an IT job. And now spearheads SiFo's Scribing initiative, already clocked more than to 500 scribe-hours in less than 2 years... all by using internal scribes!


M. Kavya

TLC Facilitator

SiFo supported her to realize a Degree in Agricultural Sciences. Appreciating her involvement, SiFo gave her the job of facilitating all Learning Centers which she is doing wonderfully. Got her enrolled into an IAS Coaching Academy in Chennai, to pursue her ambition in life.


Academic Support

கற்போம் கற்பிப்போம்


“To initiate and advocate for education support to the academically-good-but-economically-disadvantaged students resulting in students change their life condition”



Way forward:

  • Visit the supported-students' institution at a frequency and interact with their teachers to get the firsthand input on the student, appreciate them of our Foundation, and look out for more opportunities to serve the eligible students...
  • Look for CSRs from Corporates to widen the students' support base

Theruvilakku learning Center

தெருவிளக்கு கற்றல் மையம்


Rural schools, especially those serving low-income areas, do not perform as well as students who attend suburban schools, but currently they are not receiving the attention they deserve.

Siruthuligal Foundation, for its part, wants to address the above situation by way of facilitating learning-after-school-hours (ELT, extended learning time) for economically disadvantaged children from locations that are specifically targeted for this purpose.


  • Targeted students are from 6th to 12th standard, compulsorily from Government and Government-aided schools
  • SiFo will work with the local co-ordinator towards sprucing up the infrastructure - classrooms with multimedia setup, amenities, etc. - who is entrusted with regular running of the centre
  • Complete Database for each centre - centre location, co-ordinator, no of teachers, no of students standard-wise, subjects covered, attendance, etc. - will be created and maintained, as formulated by SiFo
  • Students' and Teachers' performance will be constantly measured as per SiFo Methodology
  • Continuously seek support from the local community and leadership towards leading ELT initiative to success

TLC Locations:

  • Andakudi village in Nagapattinam District (2019)
  • Nagalur village in Nagapattinam District (2020) - under alternate plan
  • Melpattambakkam in Cuddalore District (2021)
  • Ariyakudi in Sivaganga District (2022) - Identified for development

Way forward:

  • Identify and Establish more Learning Centers in villages of Tamilnadu
  • Create Competitive Examinations Center (TCC) in rural areas
  • Look for CSRs from Corporates in building up the infrastructure requirement




SiFo has embarked on another vista of Education Support - which is, Scribing (since 2020) - whose primary aim is to “ensure that the student is neither disadvantaged in comparison to his/her peers, nor provided with an advantage”!

What is a scribe?

  • A Scribe is a person who writes down a candidate's dictated answers to questions in an examination
  • The scribe must record only the dictated words. It is not the role of the scribe to structure, punctuate or plan answers for the student

Who needs a scribe?

Candidates who may require a scribe include those who:

  • are blind or visually impaired,
  • have orthopedic impairments which affect writing,
  • tire easily or have muscle weakness,
  • have limited dexterity
  • have a specific learning difficulty resulting in a level of legibility that would make the paper unreadable to the examiner



Way forward:

  • Imparting Training to Scribes in attributes like listening skills, quick comprehension, just to name a few...since scribing is an unique gig




Nalvithaigal (Beneficiary Descent)

“The true measure of student success is how well students are prepared to accomplish their current and future academic, personal, and professional goals through the development of knowledge, a sense of responsibility and self-reliance, and a connection to the institution and wider community”
“Siruthuligal Foundation wants to groom its student beneficiaries towards helping groom other students in turn, once they complete their education and move towards employment - as a measure of giving back to society
  • “Promising-to-be-Volunteer” students mentored by SiFo Management during their support period are advised to take part in SiFo-supported social initiatives
  • SiFo extends necessary help to them in getting employment, post their qualification
  • Once a student beneficiary gets an employment, they are expected to contribute to the educational support scheme of SiFo
  • Beneficiaries thereafter “adopt” such students and mentor them to the end - like they were before!

SiFo Nalvithaigal Club


Ms. V. Manju


Ms. R. Lavanya


Mr. V. Muthukumaran


Mr. P. Vijayaraghavan


Ms. M. Geetha


Ms. B. Monisha

Success story

We take pride when we illustrate here the SiFo Alumni...

Ms. R. Lavanya


Had to seek whatever employment came her way to meet the demands of academics and her day-to-day living... recommendation came from her department head to seek support from SiFo to consummate her UG and PG aspirations...

Now employed with ADRA, a global humanitarian organization, befitting her academic qualification and her social volunteering attitude...she contributes a monthly sum to SiFo, since her first paycheck...She can play Parai and Flute, and pen down poems at will...

Meet our Academic Coordinator, Mentor...and of course Volunteer too!!!

Ms. Divya


Hailing from a place in Theni District, closer to Kerala, Divya did her schooling in a boarding school, as her parents to go out to Kerala for their earnings. Since she excelled in both studies and sports, getting a seat in a leading Women's College was not an issue - except the Fees support didn't come through as expected.

With the support of money on loan from the neighborhood, she continued her BA Sociology from Fathima College, Madurai. As fate would have it, she couldn't attend her final year studies as she was struck with some illness. Only saving grace was that the college management supported her in completing her degree despite lack of attendance.

Ill health didn't deter her to go on pursue her PG in Social Work in Bishop Heber College, Trichy. Even though she got placement towards the end of the course, she couldn't take up the offer due to her health reasons.

She approached some NGOs for job help. With non-stop knocking on the doors, she could finally settle on a job, not a regularized one though, with District Counseling for Childline. She is now doing Psychiatric Counseling at the Government Medical College and Hospital at Theni.

Siruthuligal Founder, Mr. Rajeshkumar supported her Medical Treatment, which also made her pull along and finish the course.

With all the troubles, ill health and not-so-confirmed job, she gave Free Tuitions for various NGOs...

A Big Salute to Her!

Mr. V. Muthukumaran


Muthukumaran, born in a village near Jayamkondan, Trichy, lost both his parents during his early life, had to seek his livelihood and education support from his periamma in Chennai. While his periamma could support his schooling, she couldn't stretch beyond his first year in Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME). He had to look elsewhere for support to finish his diploma, and so he put word around to his friends and known persons. Fortunately, twin leads - one from his friends' mother who is working for an NGO, and the other (a teaching staff in his college) - reached SiFo in a timely manner...

SiFo supported him for his Fees until the final semester of his Diploma.

He managed his time very well between his studies and volunteering activities in SiFo events.

SiFo furthered its interest on him and referred him for a job with Hyundai Mobis India, near Sriperumpudur... he successfully went through the interviews and got placed with them since late 2019.

Since his job placement, his first expense every month is contributing a decent sum to SiFo - towards education support that goes to some other needy person!

Ms. Swetha


Studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Avadi... all schooling... dad in business, mother housewife...

Civil Engineering from Meenakshi College, Chennai.

Support from 2015 second year, Rs 42K for semester fees, 40 for transport - through Harita

Tried for Armed Forces, Medical not through...

Naval Architecture Pune - 2 years

Break now after one year... Navigation officer AAI... posted in Noida... posting July 2020

Mr. Sathish


Born on the outskirts of Tirunelveli, had a disturbing setback during his early school days... lived under the care of his grandparents... but little did he let these setbacks push him to corner, he took charge of the situation by studying hard in his school, and came out successful in his 10th and 12th standard...

10th standard Topper in District, and 3rd in State Rankings, for scheduled backward community, thereby getting Government Scholarship that made his education free next two years... He scored heavily in Plus Two also, that too in Tamil Medium...

He could get Engineering in one of Chennai's known colleges... blessing in disguise for him that he got his mother back...

He couldn't manage to pay the Final Year fees in time suiting to College Fees Regulations, so he reached out to few NGOs... one such NGO lead fell on the lap of RajeshKumar, founder of Siruthuligal Foundation, and he took his fees support as his own!

Now that Sathish has completed his Engineering, he landed a job with Olam Information Services Pvt Ltd, as a Software Developer.../p>

Mr. Arunkumar


Managed to sail through first three years of Engineering from a college in Pudukkottai, with limited support from Family Income and others, which got dried up in crucial final year.

Stumbled upon Siruthuligal Foundation through a friend, whose apartment his father is employed as a Watchman... SiFo fully sponsored his Final year to the tune of Rs 40,000...

With the prime motive of working his way up, he applied on his own and started his IT career in a small setup in Chennai - completed his formal training, confirmed with a better salary, and hopes to move on with his diligent working…but not money as a prime motive for a few years now!

With another one or two years of experience under his wings, he should be able to take off for a bright future!

Ms. V. Manju


Started doing BSc Degree, solely on mother's income as a machine operator and father's income which is very erratic, I decided to take tuitions for the children. That was necessitated because my brother was also on the verge of getting into college.

AS fate would have it, owner of the house where we shifted to at that time, was running an NGO for school children and I continued my tuition, but without any monetary help from that NGO.

At least I got compensated by the referral to SiFo by them, for fees support. SiFo fully sponsored my college fees, and I have completed my degree, with a job in hand for one of the leading multinational IT giants.

Service by way of tuitions didn't stop even with SiFo also.

Mr. Vijayraghavan


Started Diploma in Mech Engg. from my own pocket, but due to marriage that crept in during studies itself, loans for marriage and studies got accumulated.

And whenever the opportunity arose, I used to go for support work for an NGO for Visually Challenged, incidentally my father is also short of vision, and the owner recommended me to SiFo for Fees Support.

Just because SiFo supported my fees for a semester in 2 year support, I didn't keep quiet and I used to go for part-time jobs to support myself and the family.

Now that I have successfully completed my Diploma, and got placement as well in an automotive ancillary unit, I wanted to contribute my bit to the society - I send a nominal amount every month to SiFo for students fees support, and a regular volunteer in all of SiFo's events.


As we invite our students to do volunteering in our various activities like Half yearly Students Meet, Scribing, etc., our purpose is to provide opportunities for them -

  • To make new friends and strengthen existing relationships, while sharing an activity
  • To develop social skills, that in turn gives a momentum to make more friends and contacts outside also
  • To feel better psychologically, thus helping them have a positive view of their life and future goals

We take pride when we illustrate here the SiFo students' team, in such a short span of our support,

  • Continue volunteering in SiFo-sponsored activities and
  • Helping the neighborhood by taking tuition to the poor kids, etc.
  • More recently, six of our students did organize the distribution of essential commodities to the visually challenged during Corona Lockdown - identifying the beneficiaries, sourcing the commodities in their neighborhood, arranging to deliver the same to beneficiaries, and paying the merchants - all done working from home with the use of mobiles and computers...


  • All
  • SiFo Students Meet
  • TLC1 Building Inauguration
  • TLC1 Independence Day Celebration


  • Trust Registration : Registered as Public Charitable Trust - 243 / 2017
  • PAN : AAUTS3453M
  • 12AA : Registration u/s. 12AA of Income Tax Act AAUTS3453ME20214
  • 80G : Registration u/s. 80G of Income Tax Act AAUTS3453MF20214
  • NGO DARPAN : TN / 2019 / 0236886 - Signed up with NITI Aayog - mandatory to apply for grants under various schemes of Ministries / Departments / Governments Bodies
  • CSR Registration : CSR00022430 dated 14.2.2022


No. 22/43, 2nd street, Chandra Sekara Puram, Ambattur, Chennai 600053, Tamil Nadu, India.